Haagenson Fund ECPS Recipients

The Haagenson Fund adjudication committee announced the Spring 2016 recipients and the following ECPS faculty have been awarded:

Dr. Jennifer Vadeboncoeur

Project Title: Open Journal Systems; Mind Culture, and Activity

Mind, Culture, and Activity (MCA) will move from UCSD to UBC and the journal will move to a sustainable, open source model.


Dr. Rachel Weber

Project Title: Digital Meta-Analysis

Dr. Weber’s research lab is conducting four related meta-analyses critical to intervention and prevention efforts targeting the cognitive development of children from low-socioeconomic backgrounds.  The requested CMA software is both user friendly (Bax, Yu, Ikeda, & moons, 2007) and capable of broader and more innovative analyses than are currently available.


The Haagenson Fund targets cutting-edge digital technologies that undergird significant engagement with innovation in research, teaching and learning. The Haagenson Fund supports investment in technological infrastructure innovation that is: (a) likely to make a significant impact on the quality of teaching and learning and/or research outcomes and (b) requires access to software, hardware, online applications and related services, and other state-of-the-art developments in networked digital media.

A second round of Haagenson Fund applications will run in Fall 2016.