Faculty of Education Graduate Student Research Grant 2015-16 (ECPS Recipients)

Congratulations to the following ECPS students for receiving the 2015-2016 Faculty of Education Graduate Student Research Grant. Out of 20 grants provided to Faculty of Education students, ECPS students received 11!

Each year, the Graduate Student Research Grant program provides awards of up to $1,000 to outstanding graduate students in order to reimburse them for the financial costs of conducting research necessary for the completion of their degrees.

John Ames
Supervisor: Dr. Linda Siegel
Project Title: Improving Writing through Musical Story-Telling in Children with Learning Disabilities

Anna Myfanwy Bakker
Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Cox
Project Title: Self-compassion: An adaptive way to reduce recurrent depressive symptoms through emotion regulation

Zachary Cornfield
Supervisor: Dr. Anita Hubley
Project Title: Counsellors Attitudes toward Clients with Substance Use Disorders

James Floman
Supervisor: Dr. Kim Schonert-Reichl
Project Title: The Effects of Mindfulness and Kindness-Based Meditation on Teachers’ Emotional Abilities, Compassion, and Prosocial Behaviour

Marsha Jennifer Kitil
Supervisor: Dr. Kim Schonert-Reichl
Project Title: Pathways to School and Life Success: Relations of Executive Functions to Academic Achievement and Well-Being in Adolescence

Caitlin Kopperson
Supervisor: Dr. Rhea Owens
Project Title: You Had Mail: Does Reflection on Personal Email Affect Self-Reflective Outcomes?

Angela Leong
Supervisor: Dr. Izabela Schultz
Project Title: Experiences of Psychotherapy of the Traumatic Brain injured Client

Simon Lisaingo
Supervisor: Dr. Laurie Ford
Project Title: An Experimental Approach to Understanding Self-Regulation: How Social Comparison and Students’ Implicit Theories Impact Self-Control Depletion

Hezron Zacharia Onditi
Supervisor: Dr. Jenna Shapka
Project Title: Cyberbullying in Tanzania: Adolescents’ experiences and the psychosocial factors influencing coping strategies in victims

Renae Regehr
Supervisor: Dr. Rhea Owens
Project Title: Evaluating More to You: A media literacy, peer-based, and cognitive dissonance intervention for increasing positive body image among adolescents

Matthew Waugh
Supervisor: Dr. Laurie Ford
Project Title: The Gift of Time: A Grounded Theory Approach to Understanding Parental Involvement in the Multi-Year Classroom

Congratulations to each of the awardees and their supervisors!