BCSACP Internship Program

BC School and Applied Child Psychology Internship Program

Hosted by the Psychoeducational Research & Training Centre
Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia

Brochure 2019-2020 V2.0

Pre-Doctoral and Master’s Internship Programs

Internship Programs are available at both the Pre-Doctoral and Master’s levels of professional preparation and share a commitment to supporting interns in navigating the critical continuum from knowledgeable students to autonomous school psychology practitioners. Core components of the programs are:

  • dynamic placements and rotations,
  • guided activities to meet expectations across a comprehensive range of competencies,
  • supervision by highly qualified and experienced professional psychologists, and
  • monthly theme-focused professional development sessions.

Pre-doctoral intern placements are in a variety of settings ranging from a university disability centre, to mental health centres, schools, and assessment clinics in the lower mainland. Intern competencies are evaluated across 17 goal areas including assessment, prevention & intervention, consultation, research & program evaluation, teaching,and systems change.

Placements for 2019 – 2020 include the following:

APPIC #186511 – Neuropsychology and Neurodevelopmental Position  

PRTC Neuropsychological Assessment Clinic —  0.4 FTE  (2.25 days per week; September 1 — August 31)

ABLE Developmental Clinic –0.4 FTE (2.25 days per week; September 1 — August 31)

APPIC #186512 – Postsecondary Students with Disabilities Position

Simon Fraser Centre for Students with Disabilities — 0.4 FTE (2.25 days per week;  September 1 – August 31)

UBC Access & Diversity Office/PRTC Adult Assessment Clinic — 0.4 FTE (2.25 days per week; September 1 – August 31)

APPIC #186513 – School-Based Psychological Services Position

Metro Vancouver School Placement — 0.4 FTE (2.25 days per week; September 1 – June 30)

Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School — 0.4 FTE (2.25 days per week September 1 – June 30)

PRTC Child and Youth Assessment Clinic — 1.0 FTE (4.5 days per week; July 1 – August 31)

Applications for pre-doctoral internships take place through the APPIC Match process as described in the 2019-2020 Handbook Final.

Deadline for submission of the APPI is November 10, 2018 for 2019-2020 placements.

Master’s intern placements are largely school-based and focus on delivery of service related to the learning needs of students (primary grades to post-secondary) and the educational systems which serve them. Activities include assessment; prevention; intervention; and consultation at individual student, classroom, and school-wide levels. More information available in the Master’s Internship Handbook 2018 2019 September 2018.

Priority for master’s internships is given to students enrolled in the UBC school psychology academic training program.

Professional Development

The Internship Programs support a Community of Practice model of professional development by providing didactic training as well as group supervision activities. The Predoctoral Internship program includes a series of meetings, workshops and group supervision sessions once weekly for two hours. The Master’s Internship program includes master’s interns as well as their supervisors in 12 – 15 full-day sessions throughout the school year, with each day including both didactic and group supervision activities.

Training and Support for Supervisors

Supervisors engage in group activities aimed at supporting new supervisors and enhancing the work of experienced supervisors.

Engagement of Site-Based Administrators/Coordinators

Persons responsible for field placements of interns are a part of the internship team and are included in planning and evaluation activities.

Internship Program Documents

For more information please contact the Director of Training, Rachel Weber.