Research Methodology Support GAA (1.0 FTE)

The Research Methodology Support GAA provides support to Departmental graduate students and faculty on research methodology, analysis, and statistics across a range of projects.  Duties include working closely with MERM instructors to provide tutorial support for students enrolled in ECPS research methods and statistics courses. NB: Support from the GAA does not include completion of class assignments.


1.  Provide support to Departmental graduate students (and faculty members / RAs) on research methodology, measurement, and statistical analysis across a range of theses, dissertations, and projects

2.  Where appropriate, and in coordination of the instructor, provide limited tutorial support for students enrolled in ECPS research methods, measurement, and statistics courses

3.  Assist with the Department (and program) graduate student orientation in September as related to this position

4.  Under the guidance of a Quantitative Methods faculty member (selected by the MERM Coordinator), assist with any research methodology workshops or surveys needed by the Department

5.  Meet regularly with the Quantitative Methods faculty member above, and report to the MERM Coordinator, MERM program, and/or department meeting as needed

Limitation to Duties: The role of the Research Methodology Support GAA is not to design studies or complete analyses for theses or dissertations or for class assignments or take-home exams in whole or in part. The GAA role is simply to provide guidance and suggestions, review concepts, and provide tutorial support to graduate students on research design, methods, and statistical analyses.

The position requires intermediate to advanced research design, statistics and measurement; and broad knowledge of research methodologies. Familiarity and experience with SPSS is required and with other software packages (e.g., R) is an asset.

Time commitment and pay
This appointment is a 10 hour/week commitment from Sept. 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019 with a stipend of $8,000 (for a doctoral student) or $7,760 (for a master’s level student).  The stipend is based on an average of 10 hours per week throughout the above time period; however, a flexible work schedule is expected to accommodate fluctuations in need and course offerings throughout the entire year beginning in September.


To apply, please send your cover letter and current CV to: no later than Sunday, August 12, 2018.

The cover letter should describe: why you are interested in the position; your experience with research methods, measurement, statistical analysis, and quantitative software; and what you think you can contribute to the position.