Dr. Yan Liu joined ECPS as an Assistant Professor (grant tenure track) in advanced quantitative methods in July, 2016. Dr. Liu previously held a position as a Lecturer and Assessment Fellow at Harvard University and is an Alumni.  Her research interests include psychometrics,  causal modeling, measurement issues (e.g., outliers, missing values), and educational assessment.  

Selected Publications:

Liu, Y., Kim, C., Wu, A. D., Gustafson, P., Kroc*, E., & Zumbo, B. D. (2020). Investigating the performance of propensity scores approaches for differential item functioning analysis. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods. DOI: 10.22237/jmasm/1556669280

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Feng*, D., Liu, Y., Mazloomi*, M.S., Limaye*, A., Turner*, M., Evans, P.D. (2020). A virtual reality system to augment teaching of wood structure and protection. International Wood Products Journal. DOI: 10.1080/20426445.2020.1737773

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Anderson, D., Shimizu, H., Liu, Y., & Grover, R. (2019). Psychological factors influencing the vividness and affect of visitors’ recall of nostalgic life memories in museums. Current Psychology. DOI: 10.1007/s12144-019-00299-6

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Wu, A. D., Liu, Y. Stone, J. E., Zou, J., & Zumbo, B. D. (2017). Is Difference in Measurement Outcome between Groups Differential Responding, Bias or Disparity? A Methodology for Detecting Bias and Impact from an Attributional Stance. Frontiers in Education, Section: Assessment, Testing and Applied Measurement, 2:39.

Liu, Y., Zumbo, B.D., Gustafson, P., Huang, Y., Kroc, E., & Wu, A.D. (2016). Investigating Causal DIF via Propensity Score Methods. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 21(13), 1-24. URL:

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Courses Taught:

EPSE 592 Experimental Designs and Analysis in Educational Research
EPSE 596 Correlational Designs and Analysis in Educational Research (Regression Analysis)
EPSE 581 Special Topics in MERM: Data Viz
EPSE 683 Hierarchical Linear Modeling, Growth and Change
EPSE 482 Introduction to Statistics