Human Development, Learning, and Culture Peer Advisor GAA (0.5 FTE)

The Peer Advisors collaborate to provide department-wide support, but are identified to program-area students as peer advisors in the specific program area.  They provide very important support for new and continuing students, as well as students who are considering application to the Departmental Graduate Programs.

The Peer Advisors provide valuable support to new and ongoing students, as well as provide information that supplements other available sources.  They help to organize departmental colloquia, speakers and social events, as well as providing a mechanism for communication of student issues to department faculty and administration.


A student who has completed an M.A. in HDLC and has advanced to the doctoral program is preferred, in order to help both MA and PhD students. Master’s students in year two of the HDLC program will also be considered.


The duties for this position are three-fold: to provide support for new and continuing HDLC students, to work closely with the HDLC Program Coordinator and Graduate Program Assistant, and to act as the Student Representative for the HDLC Program Area.

1) Peer Advising: Provide support and advice for HDLC students on topics related to university life, including helping them navigate the Faculty of Education, ECPS Department, and HDLC Program procedures. Tasks may include, but are not limited to the following:

1.  Contacting new HDLC (M.Ed., M.A., and Ph.D.) students prior to arrival at UBC by e-mail or letter advising of availability to help;

2.  Coordinating with faculty members to set up a Peer Mentor system for new HDLC students (i.e., connecting new HDLC students to HDLC students currently enrolled), connecting new students with their Peer Mentors via individualized emails.

3.  Meeting new HDLC students upon arrival to help familiarize them with HDLC and UBC procedures as well as providing advice about living in, and getting around, the Vancouver area;

4.  Advising new and continuing HDLC students as needed about Program and Departmental procedures and courses;

5.  Facilitating research and social interaction among HDLC students, including organizing study groups, colloquia, and The Graduate Student Seminar Series, allowing students and faculty to share HDLC research projects with each other, and;

6.  Serving as informal ombudsman for students’ concerns, as a liaison between students and the HDLC Program Area Coordinator and Director of Graduate Programs.

2) HDLC Student Representative: Tasks include, but are not limited to the following:

1.  Attending HDLC Program Area meetings each month as a student representative to both share HDLC students’ questions/concerns, etc. to HDLC Faculty and communicate relevant Faculty decisions to students;

2.  Meeting regularly with the HDLC Program Area Coordinator to provide updates on HDLC student events, student concerns, etc. Serve as a liaison between HDLC students and faculty;

3.  Gathering and organizing student related data for the program;

4.  Providing feedback and support for recruitment efforts;

5.  Helping with the organization of colloquia and HDLC social events (at least twice in the beginning and at the end of the academic year);

6.  Attending the ECPS Student Council meetings as the student representative from HDLC.

Time commitment and pay

This Graduate Academic Assistant position is a 5 hour/week commitment from September 01, 2018 to April 30, 2019 with a stipend of $4,000 (for a doctoral level student) or $3,880 (for a master’s level student).  A flexible work schedule will be arranged to accommodate work flow fluctuation throughout the academic year.

To apply, please send your cover letter and current CV to: no later than Sunday, August 12, 2018

Applications should include the current CV and a letter indicating why you are interested in the position and what you feel you have to contribute to the Department.