Course EPSE 511 – Educational Neuroscience Available in Summer 2020

ECPS is delighted to announce that we’ll have a very exciting course on Educational Neuroscience for our EPSE 511 for the S1 term this year (May-June 2020). It will be offered on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30-7:30 pm.

EPSE 511 – Educational Neuroscience
Instructor: Hagar Goldberg, Ph.D.

Educational Neuroscience (or Neuroeducation) is an emerging field, bridging neuroscience, psychology and education research to enhance the understanding and practice of teaching and learning.

This interactive course invites education students to deepen their understanding of the human brain and the science of learning and development. We will review the latest findings in neuroeducation research, and explore together ways to utilize brain science in educational practice, to support the development of the core competencies (BC re-designed curriculum).

  • Students will be required to engage with research outputs (read research papers/watch videos/listen to audio materials) and answer a weekly guiding question.
  • Students will be expected to actively participate in group discussions and activities.
  • Students will choose a focus area to explore further, and will design a neuro-educational activity on that topic to present in class.

Topics that will be included in the course:

  • Neuroplasticity and the developing brain
  • Cognitive Development and the Brain – memory, executive functions, metacognition, creativity and critical thinking.
  • Emotional Development and the Brain – the emotional brain, the reward system, motivation, depression & addiction, mental health, stress and trauma, emotional intelligence, resilience.
  • Social Development and the Brain – the social brain, the brains’ intrinsic and extrinsic networks, attachment and positive relationships, empathy, social pain (exclusion, bullying).
  • Individuality, identity, brain and inclusion: Neurodiversity, brain and gender, neuroscience of culture, universal design of learning.