Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling (M.Ed.)

This program is offered through blended online and face-to-face delivery, part-time over three years, making it accessible to working professionals.

The application deadline for the next program offering is January 31, 2018. Please see the PDCE program overview for more information

A unique proposition…

The Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling (VRHC) Program addresses psychosocial and vocational impact of neurological, physical, sensory, mental health, neuropsychological and pain related disabilities and chronic illness. This is a blended online and face to face program. In addition to core counselling courses, it incorporates extensive supervised training in counselling and vocational interventions, together with online coursework on medical, psychosocial, vocational  aspects of disability and specialized vocational rehabilitation interventions.

Potential Career Outcomes

This area of focus prepares students for independent practice in health care and rehabilitation field, including psychosocial and vocational assessment, vocational and return to work interventions, adjustment and rehabilitative counselling, job development and placement, case and disability management, as well as research and program evaluation.

Standard Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling Master of Education Program Prerequisites

In exceptional circumstances, outstanding MA and MED applicants missing one prerequisite—other than CNPS 362—may be offered admission subject to the successful completion of the prerequisite by June 30. CNPS 363 and CNPS 365 are offered both on campus and online in spring at UBC. Please see the equivalency table for some equivalent courses offered from other universities. View the standard program prerequisites and additional information.

Course Requirements

= On Campus = Online
Year One
CNPS 578B (3) Individual and family counselling theories and interventions
CNPS 578A (3) Individual and family counselling theories and interventions
VRHC 501 (3) Issues in Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling
VRHC 512 (3) Psychosocial & Vocational Aspects of Disability
VRHC 502 (3) Medical Aspects of Disability
Electives (choose one 3 credit course)
CNPS 534 (3) Gender and Sex Role Issues in Counselling
CNPS 545 (3) Family Counselling II
CNPS 594 (3) Cross-Cultural Counselling
– – OR – – 3 credit Trauma and Addiction course (if available)
Year Two
CNPS 586 (3) Ethics in Counselling Psychology
CNPS 564 (3) Group Counselling
CNPS 532A (3) Psychological Assessment in Counselling I
CNPS 532B (3) Psychological Assessment in Counselling II ……………..
CNPS 588 (6) Supervised training in counselling
Year Three
EDUC 500 (3) Research Methodology in Education
CNPS 508 (3) Review of Research in Educational Methods
CNPS 598 (6) Field experiences (Course Outline)

Total 48 Credits

Contact the Program Area Assistant for application or course registration information.

For more information about the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling program, contact Dr. Izabela Schultz.