CNPS 362 Equivalency Review Procedure

Completed standing is not routinely granted for CNPS 362.  Applicants who have NOT completed CNPS 362 at the University of British Columbia MUST apply to have the course they successfully completed elsewhere reviewed following the CNPS 362 Review Procedure. Successful completion of approved courses within the last 10 years does not guarantee that you will be granted standing for CNPS 362.  You must still complete the CNPS 362 review process, including submission of a video of a mock counselling session for review by the members of the 362 committee.  If standing is granted, you must append to your application form, a copy of the memo verifying that you have been granted standing for CNPS 362. View the most recent CNPS 362 course outline.

An exception to the 362 equivalency deadline is made for students taking the proposed 362 equivalent course in the same semester as applying. For these students, they are required to submit all equivalency materials specified (including a 20 minute mock counselling session) except the academic transcript by the November 15th deadline. They are then requested to inform the 362 coordinator they are taking this course in the same semester as applying.  


Do not send in videos (due to covid-19), the video must be uploaded to the CNPS 362 equivalency video portal.  Please follow Step 3 for video submission.

Step One:

Review the list of approved 362 equivalency courses.

Step Two:

Whether or not the course your completed is on our equivalency list you must submit the following:

    • a cover letter requesting a formal equivalency review, clearly outlining your case for equivalency, and indicating contact details where you can be reached to inform you of a decision once your case has been adjudicated
    • a complete copy of the course outline, a calendar description is not sufficient (required only if the course you have taken is not on our list of equivalent courses)
    • a 20 minute, unedited audio-visual mock counselling session (for 2020 only: can be recorded via zoom or another similar platform as long as both the “client” and “counsellor” can be seen and heard) demonstrating your ability to:
      1. respond empathically to the client’s concerns, and
      2. facilitate the client’s self exploration and understanding

* NOTE: Recordings must be in English

Step Three:

Details regarding how to submit materials digitally is below.

The video in (MP4 format) must be uploaded to the CNPS 362 equivalency video portal. Here is the self-sign up link for the video portal:

If applicants do not have a CWL, you can sign up for one here: Since you are not formally involved with UBC yet, you would need to choose the Basic Account option. This is the information to applicants on how to sign up for a Basic Account:

Once you have a Basic Account, you are able to self-enroll in the course and submit your files. You can also upload the documents listed in Step Two to the video portal.

Note: An equivalency application can be made only once, and the committee’s adjudication will not be kept in a departmental file. All efforts will be made to inform you of the committee’s decision within 30 days of receipt of your complete equivalency request.