Admissions Information

We are no longer accepting applications for September 2017 and do not have a January intake.  Our next application deadline is December 1, 2017 for our 2018 intake of graduate students.  Online applications will be available in mid-September.

Sending Your Official Academic Records

UBC does not accept the following:

  • Photocopies that have not been stamped, attested and endorsed by the Registrar at your home university
  • Documents in envelopes that have been opened
  • Documents that do not arrive in sealed envelopes endorsed by the issuing institution or certified translator
  • Documents that arrive without the official seal of the university
  • Photocopies notarized by a notary public
  • Photocopies endorsed by a lawyer, professor, judge etc.
  • Unofficial translations
  • Non-literal translations

Do not send academic records that are not in sealed within endorsed envelopes as it will only delay the processing of your application.

Financial Support

Although financial support is not guaranteed for ECPS students, financial assistance may available through the following sources.

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA)

There are a limited number of Graduate Research Assistantships available with particular faculty members within the Department throughout the academic year . Upon acceptance to the EPSE Master’s program, students should inquire directly to the EPSE Department Office for information on these positions.

Canada Student Loans, Bursaries and Work Study Program

Master’s program students may be eligible for various awards designed to enable students to complete their studies. For information on such awards and other forms of financial aid, applicants should consult the Awards and Financial Aid Book which can be obtained from The Awards and Financial Aid Office at UBC.

Additional graduate student funding opportunities are available through the Office of Research in the Faculty of Education

Finding A Supervisor

A supervisor is a faculty member who mentors a graduate student in their research.  Many research-based graduate programs expect students to identify a prospective supervisor prior to applying for admission. It is best to check with the graduate program you will be applying to, to find out if this is expected. If so, you will need to identify a potential supervisor in your desired field of research.

When investigating prospective supervisors, follow these guidelines:

  1. First, view their profiles online and read a couple of their publications to familiarize yourself with their work.
  2. Write a brief email to them indicating your awareness of their research and how it fits with your interests (be specific, refer to their publications).
  3. Let them know your intention to apply to their graduate program & interest in working with them.
  4. Tell them a couple of strong points about your background and who you’ve worked with on research projects.
  5. Ask if it is OK to refer to them as a prospective supervisor in your application.

More information on research supervision (via Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies).