Behaviour Disorders

This concentration is appropriate for students with a special interest in supporting students at risk for or with behavioural disorders.

View the standard program prerequisites and additional information.

EPSE 437 (3) Interventions for Children and Adolescents with Behaviour Disorders
EPSE 512 (3) Critical Issues in Special Education
EPSE 515 (3) Seminar in Behaviour Disorders*
EPSE 574 (3) Principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis *
EPSE 576 (3) Assessment and Positive Behavioural Support in School and Community Settings *
EPSE 577 (3) Seminar in Assessment and Positive Behaviour Support *

Choose 6 credits of 500-level courses in education or a related area.

School-Based Interventions
EPSE 531 (3) Curriculum-Based Assessment and Intervention
EPSE 551 (3) School-Based Consultation
EPSE 552 (3) School Interventions
Human Development and Learning
EPSE 505 (3) Foundations in Human Development: Infancy to Adulthood
EPSE 584 (3) Motivation in Education
EPSE 585 (3) Social and Emotional Development in Education
Learning Disabilities
EPSE 526 (3) Seminar in Specific Learning Disabilities
EPSE 528 (3) Basic Principles of Measurement
EPSE 534 (3) Academic Assessment in Schools
EPSE 535 (3) Social and Emotional Assessment in School Psychology
EPSE 449 (3) Educating Students with Autism
EPSE 549 (3) Seminar in Autism

Students must take the following course after completing the required and elective courses.

EPSE 590 (3) Graduating Seminar .................................................

* Meets the coursework requirements for Behaviour Analyst Certification.

Contact the graduate program support for application or course registration information.

For more information about the concentration, contact Dr. Joseph Lucyshyn.