HDLC Tenure-Track Instructor Presentation: Dr. Rina Bonanno

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

9:00 – 10:30 am
Scarfe Office Block, Room 310

Teaching Presentation:
3:15 – 4:00 pm
Neville Scarfe, Room 2415

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Dr. Rina Bonanno is a candidate for the Tenure-Track Instructor Position in Human Development, Learning and Culture View Position Details.

Presentation Title

A Vision for Teaching, Leadership and Service


Dr. Rina Bonanno earned a B.A in developmental psychology, an M.A. in Health Education and a Ph.D. in Human Learning, Development and Instruction from the University of British Columbia. Dr. Bonanno has been a teacher educator for nearly 20 years, working with diverse groups of undergraduate and graduate students in both Canada and the United States – with the goal of empowering them to create positive learning environments where all individuals feel respected and valued. While completing her doctoral studies, Dr. Bonanno received an award for teaching excellence from UBC’s Faculty of Education. Dr. Bonanno’s passion for excellence in teaching is both long standing and encompasses all aspects of teaching, including curriculum development. During her tenure as an Associate Professor in Human Development and Learning at Dowling College in New York, Dr. Bonanno developed and wrote an undergraduate teacher certification program for Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL, K – 12). This program was approved by and is registered with the New York State Education Department.

Dr. Bonanno’s program of research, knowledge translation endeavors, and service work focus on youth mental health; investigating both factors that impact on the emotional well-being of youth and, most importantly, ways of providing vulnerable youth and those that work with youth in crisis with support. Some examples include working in collaboration with colleagues from UBC, the Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of B.C., SAFER Counselling Services, and both the Burnaby and Vancouver School Districts to develop, implement and evaluate a web-based hotline for youth in crisis. As a teacher educator, Dr. Bonanno is committed to helping provide her students with the information and tools necessary to identify mental health concerns within their own classrooms. Toward that end, Dr. Bonanno collaborated with colleagues at UBC to help develop a website (http://www.selresources.com/sel-resources/) that houses Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health resources for pre-service teachers.


In this presentation, Dr. Bonanno will outline her interests, goals and vision for teaching, leadership and service in HDLC and the larger Faculty of Education at UBC. Dr. Bonanno will discuss how her teaching, research and service have inspired her passion for enhancing learning environments and have shaped a leadership style that is service based.