Past Events

‘A Hope Centred Career Development Approach’ – CNPS Colloquium
Event Date: 02/28/2017

Dr. Amundson will describe the Hope Centred Career Development Approach and also some of the Active Engagement interventions that are being assessed in various practitioner focused research projects.
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R-software Workshop
Event Date: 02/28/2014

The focus of this workshop will be on how to manipulate data using the R program and how to install and use R "packages".
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Counselling with Sexual & Gender Diverse Clients
Event Date: 02/23/2015

Learn how to offer respectful and supportive counselling to individuals who identify as having diverse sexual and/or gender identities.
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Kirby Huminuik – Final Ph.D. Defence (CNPS)
Event Date: 02/22/2017

Title: “The Operationalization of Vulnerability in the Canadian Refugee Determination Arena: An Interpretive Description Study.”
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UBC Health Information Series, Dr. Linda Siegel Presentation
Event Date: 02/20/2014

The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and Woodward Library is sponsoring the UBC Health Information Series on Thursday, February 20, 2014.  Dr. Linda Siegel, professor and author of Understanding Dyslexia and Other Learning Disabilities, will be presenting her latest research and addressing facts and fallacies that we may have about children with learning disabilities. View […]
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4th Annual BC Regional Braille Challenge
Event Date: 02/19/2016

This event is one of 47 regional events across North America. Kids aged six to 19 compete in comprehension, spelling, proofreading, speed and accuracy. The top 50 competitors will land a spot at the finals in Los Angeles on June 18.
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School Psychology Participating at the NASP 2014 Annual Convention
Event Date: 02/18/2014

          Several School Psychology professors and graduate students will be representing Educational & Counselling Psychology, and Special Education at the upcoming National Association of School Psychologists convention. Various presentations are scheduled by SCPS faculty and graduate students throughout the convention, running from February 18-21, 2014. View the complete presentation schedule, including […]
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Tim Laidler – Final M.A. Defence (CNPS)
Event Date: 02/17/2014

Title: Studying the Effects of a Veterans Transition Program Style Retreat (company of men) on Participant's Perception and Experience of Masculinity
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QMS Event: Research Talk
Event Date: 02/15/2018

Please don't forget to RSVP your attendance for this QMS Research Talk if you wish to be part of this event.
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Dorna Rahimi – Final M.A. Defence (SCPS)
Event Date: 02/15/2017

Title: "Sense of Belonging and Immigrant Parents: Strengthening the Family-School Partnership"
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