Dr. Brenda Fossett – SPED Instructor Position Candidate Presentation

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

9:45 – 11:00 a.m.
Neville Scarfe, Library Block Room 278

All are welcome to attend.

Dr. Brenda Fossett is a candidate for the Grant Tenure-Track Instructor Position in Special Education. View Positions Details.

Presentation Title:

It Takes a Village: Working Together to Improve the Quality of Life of Individuals with Autism in BC


It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. For families of children with autism, the need for a strong, well-connected village of members who are knowledgeable and collaborative is critical and widespread. Families encounter a multitude of professionals and paraprofessionals as they navigate complex systems from the time they first suspect their child might have autism until their children are well into adulthood. For some families, access to high quality support is readily available. For other families, support services are inaccessible or absent, leaving them isolated and without the supports they and their children so desperately need.

In this presentation, Dr. Fossett will review the state of autism service provision in BC, with an emphasis on current needs. She will then discuss strategies for expanding and improving upon services for children, youth, and adults with autism and their families, with a focus on increased training for professionals and paraprofessionals and improved access to services and training in rural and remote areas. Dr. Fossett will emphasize the need for collaboration among key stakeholders to create strong, healthy, vibrant villages of support to invigorate autism service provision in BC and, ultimately, improve the quality of life for individuals with autism and their families.


Dr. Brenda Fossett is a doctoral level Board Certified Behavior Analyst, currently on faculty at Capilano University in the Applied Behavior Analysis-Autism Department. Dr. Fossett began her career teaching deaf students with developmental disabilities at the BC School for the Deaf. Over the past twenty-five years, she has supported individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities in home, school, and community settings, and provided instruction and training to families, paraprofessionals, and professionals across Canada and the United States. Dr. Fossett has taught at the university level since 2004, in both graduate and undergraduate programs. She has a particular interest in capacity-building initiatives designed to provide improved access to education, training and services for families of children with autism and other developmental disabilities, and those who support them.