Attn Ph.D. Students! The Brady Education Foundation: $3M RFP for Montessori Research

In case you missed it, Trust for Learning & the Brady Education Foundation (BEF) recently announced the opening a new Request for Proposals to research the impact of Montessori education in public schools. This five year, $3 million commitment from BEF will support rigorous evaluations of the impact of Montessori education and investigate whether Montessori education can reduce the gap in educational outcomes faced by children living in under-resourced communities. A full press release on the initiative is available here.

The Foundation is particularly interested in research outcomes related to executive functioning, achievement, mastery orientation, and school engagement. The RFP process will take place in three stages: Letter of Intent, Stage 1 full proposal, and Stage 2 proposal. A webinar will initiate the process on August 16, 2017 at 1:00pm EST.

Please email to request an invitation.

To learn more about the RFP process and/or the requirements for submission and timeline, please visit the Brady Education Foundation’s website.